Hello folks! 

Volcano Choir´s upcoming album, Repave is the latest project I am really excited about. The first single from the album, “Byegone” is grandiose, with a steady guitar line, progressive piano, and an overall excellent arrangement. I´m hoping this track is an accurate representation of the rest of the album-if it is, I´m sure Repave will make bigger waves than their debut album Unmap. 

I´m sorry I haven´t been posting very much in the last few months. Currently I am in Europe and have been a bit busy. Hope you are having a great summer! I´m behind in the music world right now, so I would love it if you all would share with me what your favorite summer songs or albums have been! 


A couple nights ago I (Katie, The Pickup) had an absolutely fantastic evening because I was able to see My Brightest Diamond for the second time live. Last time I saw her she played a huge venue with a full orchestra, but this time it was just her and all of her instruments in a much smaller setting at City Winery in Chicago. It was a lovely show-she played a great set with songs from all of her albums as well as a Prince cover and another song I wasn’t familiar with. I took a little bit of video to share with you all…enjoy! 

In case any of my followers didn’t know, I help (on occasion) run the fymybrightestdiamond blog and so it seemed appropriate I post my video from the show over there. But here it is over here too if anyone is interested. 

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Canon Blue support Poliça (I saw them back in February and wrote about it). Canon Blue closed their set with this song. Although I loved their whole set, this one stood out to me with the horn and string loops. Give it a listen! 

Tonight I was able to catch James Vincent McMorrow play an opening set at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millenium Park in Chicago. His show was quite enjoyable, but I think his overall performance would have benefitted if he had had a full backing band. James’ stage banter was random and awkward, but it made him all the more charming and endearing. 

I took this video during the show of his song “If I Had A Boat” from his album Early In The Morning. 

The Head and the Heart is a band that makes music you can’t shake from your brain, most likely because you’ve been singing along with their tunes for a couple hours. Their genuineness and down to earth feel certainly comes through their music full force. About a week and a half ago, they stopped by for a show in St. Louis (which I couldn’t go to unfortunately…) but they also recorded video for a new, unreleased song “Virginia” atop a St. Louis building. Check it out above, and if you haven’t yet had the opportunity, check out their 2011 self-titled album on Spotify

The Welcome Wagon- Would You Come and See Me in New York from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

It’s been nearly a year since I began listening to The Welcome Wagon and saw them at The Chapel, a local church turned venue. Asthmatic Kitty announced today that the duo will be releasing a new album on June 12th called Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, their first album in almost four years. Check out the video for the new single “Would You Come and See Me In New York”. 

Historically, I am not a huge fan of acoustic guitar-playing ladies, but for some reason, Kathleen Edward’s new album Voyageur is really sinking in for me. I love it so far. If you need to get a taste of what her music is like before you put fifteen bucks towards the album, I’d suggest getting a $2 Daytrotter membership for the month and downloading her recent session…it’s golden. 

I’ve been talking about Poliça since the dawn of their public existence (which was just this past September) and I will finally have the chance to check out their live show later this month. I am pretty dang excited to see a band that has been creating so much buzz  and will surely be sharing it with you all once I’ve reveled in the full Poliça experience.

In preparation for their show, I decided it was time to give their new album Give You The Ghost a good listen through. The album has not officially been released yet (February 14 is the magic day), but you can purchase it digitally on iTunes and listen to it on Spotify. As I listened tonight, this song’s repetitive, siren-like synth going on in the background really stood out to me for whatever reason. It’s good stuff. Be sure to check out their upcoming tour dates and try to catch them before they start playing bigger clubs! 

Today in St. Louis it’s sunny with a high of 65°. Passion Pit always matches a good-weather-mood day for me. Hope wherever you are it’s just as nice! 

"Crystalline" by Björk

Currently listening all the way through her new album Biophilia and this is the first song to really catch my ear. Very percussive and twinkly…I like it!