Bonnaroo Bands- SBTRKT

I’ve seen SBTRKT’s (pronounced ‘subtract’) name thrown around on the internet quite a bit, but never did take the time to really check him out until recently. SBTRKT started out his career as a DJ and consequentially, is heavy on the electronic side, and almost borderline dub-steppy. With all the electronics going on, many songs still manage to have guest vocals- most commonly added by a musician named Sampha. SBRTKT isn’t music I would listen to all the time, but everyone needs dance music when you get in those dance-tastic moods. Many of the bands playing at Bonnaroo don’t exactly play “dance” music, so I think SBTRKT will be one of the sets where people will be putting their dance pants on to get down in the Tennessee heat.

Check out “Wildfire” featuring Little Dragon below or listen to SBTRKT’s self-titled album on Spotify.