Fall Playlist is here. All sorts of goodies, new and old. Click the picture to open the playlist in Spotify. Let me know what you think! 

Fall Playlist is here. All sorts of goodies, new and old. Click the picture to open the playlist in Spotify. Let me know what you think! 

Top Live Acts of 2011

This year I made it to a point to go to a lot of shows. Some were awful, most were good, but there are a few that really stood out. Here are my nine favorites from this year: 

1. Bon Iver- My thoughts on the show

2. My Brightest Diamond- My thoughts on the show

3. St. Vincent- My thoughts on the show

4. Son Lux- My thoughts on the show

5. The Welcome Wagon- My thoughts on the show

6. Kopecky Family Band- My thoughts on the show

7. The Civil Wars- My thoughts on the show

8. Lord Huron- I saw these guys back in April opening for Rural Alberta Advantage, and I cannot wait to see them again. The already small set was cut short due to technical difficulties, but the songs they did get to play pulled me into their folksy beach tunes right away.

9. Fleet Foxes- My thoughts on the show
The Pick-Up Playlist #2

I’m reluctantly accepting the fact that finals are upon me, and most other college students in the US… so to make it more bearable, I’ve made this playlist filled with all sorts of musical wonders. 

Kopecky Family Band at Mojo’s, 11.29.11 

Okay, precursor to this little write-up: Kopecky Family Band opened for Walk The Moon, but I’m opting to write more about Kopecky because they are just that lovely!

I first heard about Kopecky Family Band roughly a year ago from a fella who has a pretty swell taste in music so when I heard they were coming to town this past September to open for Gomez, I decided to go and see what they were all about. The show was a lot of fun, so I decided I would definitely like to see them play live again if the opportunity arose. 

Said opportunity came about pretty quickly, and there I was happily tapping my foot to their trombones, cello, guitars, drums, bass, keys, and other various instruments at Mojo’s this past Tuesday.

They started the show off with a couple tunes I was familiar with, but my favorite one to hear live thus far has been their song “My Way”, which unfortunately to my knowledge is not on any of their released records, but hopefully the next one, which they are currently working on.

Anyway, onward. “My Way” is a boisterous song that pulls you in very quickly with it’s contagious chants of “na na na’s” and just when you think it can’t get any better, they pull out two trombones to build the song up even more. Take a listen for yourself if you please!

Another favorite from the evening was “Disaster” which is on their Disaster EP.  It’s one of their more delicate songs, but true to Kopecky form, it is still full of emotion throughout and eventually leads into a rockier ending.

Throughout the course of the show, every band member (with the exception of lead guitarist Steven Holmes and drummer, David Krohn) switched instruments or grabbed a new one at least once, which kept it quite entertaining to see who would play what next. Also, an accordion and Korg keyboard made appearances, which was pretty rad.

Side note- be sure to check out Feather & Belle, Kelsey Kopecky’s side project with her best friend and Owl City member Laura Musten. They just released their debut album filled with all sorts of lovely tunes.

As for Walk The Moon- They were a super fun, energetic band. They fall more into the indie-pop (maybe a bit contradictory?) side of things, and played a great show full of face paint and dancing. Check out their music video “Anna Sun”.