Beirut’s Tiny Desk Concert from NPR. Good stuff! 

It has taken me a while to warm up to Beirut. I’m still not a huge fan, but I am really liking this song, and most of what I’ve heard of the new album. The horns are pretty rad. They would probably put on a super fun show. 

Guys and gals, 

Here is a song from Mother Falcon- the best band I’ve been introduced to in a while. My friend Timmy lives in Austin, Texas and told me about these Austin natives. 

If you like music with a lot of orchestration (Beirut, Vampire Weekend, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, etc.) you should give them a shot. Their music is pretty catchy (at least to me) and has many low key moments as well as lots of pulsing, exciting moments going on all over the place. 

The video posted is the song Alligator Teeth and is very beautifully done. The song starts out with a girl singing quietly with strings in the background (lots of cellos!) and eventually picks up. They also bring in the horns around 1:40 which I absolutely love. 

Something else I love about this band is how freaking huge it is. They produce such a full sound, but it’s not as though there’s too much going on. If they ever make their way to Missouri, I will be there. 

If you have three and half minutes to spare, do take a listen. I’m thinking Mother Falcon will probably be around the music scene for a while, you should be one of the people who liked them before everyone else :) 

Get a free download of their song “Alligator Teeth” and “Fireflies” on their Bandcamp from their latest album Alhambra