Bonnaroo Bands-Kathleen Edwards

So I must apologize to Kathleen Edwards and any of her fans, because back in September when I saw her open for Bon Iver I wasn’t too keen on her sound. I didn’t want to write her off completely after the show though because she was mostly enjoyable, there was just nothing that blew me away immediately. 

Fast forward to this past January when her new album Voyageur came out. Surprise, surprise, it just so happens that I loved it. At first I thought she was too simple and therefore not very impressive, but I’ve come to realize that the beauty in her music lies in it’s simplicity. Her new record is full of texture and depth, it makes the traditional girl with a guitar music eighty times better than the average girl with a guitar sound, if ya know what I mean. 

I am thrilled to see Kathleen again and listen to her live from a very different perspective I had when I first heard her, it’s going to be an excellent show. Bonnaroo just released the schedule for the weekend, and she will be playing two sets on Sunday, June 10. The first set will be at “The Other Tent” at 1:30pm and the second set is at the “Sonic Stage” at 3:45pm. 

Check out “Change The Sheets” from Voyageur below, or listen to the whole album on Spotify

Historically, I am not a huge fan of acoustic guitar-playing ladies, but for some reason, Kathleen Edward’s new album Voyageur is really sinking in for me. I love it so far. If you need to get a taste of what her music is like before you put fifteen bucks towards the album, I’d suggest getting a $2 Daytrotter membership for the month and downloading her recent session…it’s golden.