"Stop being so sensitive! Burly men become girly men, turning pop music into a wuss-case scenario" by Jim Farber

Read the article real quick before you read my thoughts…it’s not too long.

My cousin sent this article to me…it makes me want to look into more writing like this or in opposition to this guys opinion. I think it’s quite interesting, but dang, I sure do disagree with him.

I think that the author doesn’t really realize that indie/alternative/folk music is how it is for a reason…just like every other genre. Musicians write their songs and feel compelled to write their music because of past experiences, what they think fans will appreciate, simply for themselves, or for whatever reason. Just like Bon Iver will write a song about his x-girlfriend or place that has had an impact on him, Lil’ Wayne will write songs about drugs and money. Music and genres very much go along with the idea that you are a product of your environment. The author is expecting indie/folk music to be straight up rock music…which it isn’t…most of the time. Most likely, the people who listen to Bon Iver, Sufjan or Iron & Wine appreciate the emotion and low key feel to their music….they aren’t looking for something tough and “manly” (which he never really defines). This author fellow thinks these musicians aren’t manly, but it just so happens a lot of girls like them because they think the opposite. I know that if a guy can write a good tune, most, if not all, girls are automatically more attracted. I can’t necessarily speak for the guys out there, but I know many, many guys who listen to folk music and enjoy it just as much…and probably don’t think these musicians are wussy.

Maybe the traditional idea of “manliness” is changing. Maybe a man isn’t just considered manly when he can chop some wood or sing about sex all the time. Another perspective of someone being manly is when they can articulate their emotions into a well thought out and beautiful song.

I think the author is complaining about something he can’t really change. If folk music doesn’t fulfill his manliness needs, then he can listen to Nickelback or country music that talks about drinking beer and riding tractors.