Tuneage of Summer 2012 Playlist

I realize we’re more than halfway through summer, but I can’t get this playlist to stop playing, so I thought I’d share it! This group of songs is quite diverse, but they all represent some of my favorite new music from this year (all except one song has been released in 2012) and have kept me jammin’ even in the lovely midwest heat we’re dealing with. Listen on Spotify!

EDIT: Krokodil and Who Is It? Don’t seem to be playing through Spotify unfortunately, so be sure to check those songs out here and here, then purchase them on iTunes/Amazon/Wherever you prefer to buy music. 


1. Krokodil- St. Vincent

A taste of St. Vincent’s more angsty side.

2. Climax- Usher

Usher’s new album has blown me away. Even though he’s a pop artist and is friends with Justin Bieber, just give this a shot…

3. Ritual Union- Little Dragon

A beautiful voice and electronic beats! 

4. How Do I Know- Here We Go Magic

The feel good- “I can relate to this” type of music. 

5. Who- David Byrne & St. Vincent

Saxophones all over the place and definitely a song you’ve got to sing along to…at least a song that I always have to sing along to…

6. Who’s Feeling Young Now?- Punch Brothers

This song is from Punch Brothers latest album of the same name, and so far is my number one album of the year. I like to put this in the genre “Sassy Progressive Bluegrass”. 

7. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings- Father John Misty

Times have changed. Josh Tillman is no longer a Fleet Fox, but he’s done very, very well with his solo album full of quintessential folk rock. 

8. Who Is It? (Itunes Session)- Bon Iver

After waiting for nearly a year, Bon Iver has finally released an officially recorded version of this cover. Reggie Pace’s beat boxing + the horns are the best. 

  1. hpolleyphotography said: Hmm, Krokodil didn’t show up in Spotify. It must be a protected song or something.
  2. dorothyann said: loving father John misty. also, Usher is great because he is friends with JB. ;)
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