Bonnaroo Follow-Up #1


(Rubblebucket pictured above)

The last week has been a whirlwind. I think I’m still recovering from Bonnaroo and adjusting back to the real life. The weekend was well-worth the money, no doubt, but it sure does drain you! I had so many incredible experiences, went to so many fantastic shows, and met some very notable characters throughout the weekend. 

I will be doing a series of summary posts about the bands I was able to catch, so today I’ll tell y’all about Thursday’s shows (EDIT: It was pointed out to me that The Kooks played on Friday…so this is partly Thursday/partly Friday). Thursday was the least busy day in terms of bands that were absolute must-sees for me, so me and my friend Madi were able to check out a few shows we wouldn’t traditionally go to had we not been at Bonnaroo. We caught parts of a couple other bands, but these are the shows we got to see basically from start to finish. 


Rubblebucket is one of those bands that simply has the best of times every moment they are on stage. They played at the “Solar Stage” so it was a fairly small stage, but there was no shortage of an audience. They played a bunch of fun dance songs led by the powerhouse vocals of lead singer Kalmia Traver and backed by their band full of brass instruments, drums, keyboards, synthesizers. So many bands now have similar sounds, but I came away from the Rubblebucket show convinced that they have definitely developed their own unique sound that will hopefully take them far. 


Prior to Bonnaroo, I had never heard of YelaWolf, but when I listened to a couple of his songs, I figured his set might be fun, if nothing else. I love rap and hip-hop, and YelaWolf put on a great, beat-heavy show that created quite the party. I’ll give that to Mr. YelaWolf. 

Despite YelaWolf’s enthusiam, I was a bit miffed and frankly surprised at his off-kilter stage banter and lyrical content, which was probably just me being naïve to what YelaWolf is apparently all about. Throughout his set, he confessed his love for weed, which is not very uncommon in hip-hop songs so it didn’t surprise me too much. But then he also confessed his love for crystal meth and then sang an entire song about it. In said song, he also mentioned and glorified LSD and Adderall-which I’m assuming he doesn’t use for his ADHD. I had a fun time at the show, and I know that generally rap songs are going to have more illicit lyrics, but I think he celebrates drugs just a bit too much. 

The Kooks

The Kooks played an all-around great set. I am not overly familiar with their music, but they are popular enough that every now and then they played a song that was instantly recognizable to most audience members. They carried great energy through their entire show and were definitely fun to see live. 

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